Company Background

Jinchuan Group International Resources Co. Ltd ("Jinchuan International") was acquired in 2010 by Jinchuan Group.

Jinchuan International is Jinchuan Group’s flagship for undertaking overseas mining and mineral resources operations.

This includes Metorex (Proprietary) Limited ("Metorex"), a mid-tier South African mining company with operating mines and active development projects located in Zambia and the DRC. Formerly listed on the Johannesburg and London Stock Exchange, Metorex was acquired by Jinchuan Group in January 2012, and became part of Jinchuan International in November 2013.

At the same time, Jinchuan International is actively engaged in mineral and metal products trading (particularly copper, cobalt and nickel) with traders. Jinchuan International actively explores possible acquisitions of mining and mineral resources assets which will enhance value to Jinchuan International and its shareholders.